Will Power  and Personal Magnetism

Will Power and Personal Magnetism


The Will Power and Personal Magnetism Program is a brand new and unique system that will give you information that explains the most brilliant jewels of knowledge from the brightest minds who ever lived including some with quotes.

Michael will specially choose these and he will present the videos and give a commentary on each insight, so you will understand its deeper meaning and see its relevance to your own life.

It will not be random, but will build up in a specific, specially designed way to carefully take you to a place of more inner strength, confidence and consciousness, from where you will find it far easier to create the life you want.

This will be very practical knowledge and methods you will be able to use and integrate in your everyday life. The videos are accompanied by audio tracks, as well as transcripts of the words, so you can either watch, listen or read as you prefer.

It will be for you a powerhouse of information and inspiration that will lift your spirits and motivate you in the most natural ways.

The building of willpower is a meticulous, step-by-step process. It is, without doubt, the missing link for everybody interested in accessing the Superconscious or entering into an enlightened state.

It is the crucial factor in all types of relationships everywhere in your life, and of course particularly with those closest to you. There is in fact very little that you can achieve in life unless you are a person with a developed will.

If you want to gain respect and experience self-esteem and personal power, all these and more will come as a side effect of the development of your will.

And probably the most unexpected and even unsought for benefit of developing willpower is that when you turn that concentrated focus in on your mind, without any tension, you will find that the layers of the Superconscious, and the higher faculties of your mind, will open up for you.

And the great secret of developing stronger willpower is that it is not involved with tension in any way whatsoever.

And finally, where your developed willpower will take you, is to the reality that Einstein was constantly trying to communicate.

This is the reality that all of us are not at the essence of our being a body or a mind, but we are in fact energy – pure energy.

This has been known to thousands of years by the Yogis, but is totally unknown in our developed societies.

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