Transformation Program

Transformation Program


Be shown on a video presentation how to design the ideal map of your own psyche and its subpersonalities. This is tremendously useful, because by taking it out of your head and laying it on the page, so to speak, you will see yourself and a vastly more intuitive and clear way.

It is very likely that many light bulbs will go on in your mind, while you do this, as to why your life has been as it has, and of course what it is that you need to uplift or improve in order to have better experiences.

Being given a full understanding, with special methods, of how you can discover the ways your own stories arose to make your life what it is today.In order to do this you need to be able to identify the micro-stories and initial impulses that make up the complete story that runs each of your sub-personalities.

You will be given several short audio programs in which I will guide you through, as you lie down comfortably and quietly, so that these will encourage those elements that have been running your life to reveal themselves to you in gentle and relaxed ways.

You will be able to identify very quickly what it is that is holding you in any position that limits your life or blocks your full self-expression. Any restrictive beliefs that you have will be brought to the surface so you can process them out.

You will be to identify what it is that is causing you to struggle and release it in relaxed ways. You will examine what it is that doesn't fulfil you in your life and see where that lack of fulfilment comes from so you can resolve it permanently.

You will also discover if you have any deep needs that are not being satisfied. It is quite possible that you are not aware of these, but they are buried a long way away from your everyday awareness.

What you will find is that when these needs are identified and clarified, by the methods you will be given in the Transformation Program, you will be able to fulfil them far more easily.

You will then know how to recreate your stories about the major areas of your life, from a completely different point of view. When this is done properly it has an immediate and cumulative effect and can bring you in stunning ways to many far better experiences of life.

You will discover how to defuse and drain any negative emotions from your stories and therefore yourself – so releasing far more power and creativity. The processes will help you to identify any major early life events or conclusions that are still driving you today.

Once you examine these, in the ways that you will be guided to, you will often find that they have, so to speak, their fingers ‘in many pies’ in your life. They might feed into a variety of subpersonalities and become one of the major binders and contractors in your life.

The final goal is to be able to live your life without any restrictive stories at all, by being established in the Superconscious and only instructing your mind to create only what you want.

We will cover how to do this in the Transformation Program, as well as how to raise and expand your consciousness.

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