The Whole Mind Training

Whole Mind Training


The purpose of the Whole Mind Training is to access the higher and most natural powers that you have, and have rarely used, as well as to rejuvenate you and give you the ways to improve every aspect of your life

The course is the next step on in your personal development and will save you many years of trying to find out how to do it for yourself.

It is the icing on the cake of all of Michael’s other courses and will speed up your own growth and increase your abilities to create the results you want.

The mind is the most powerful tool you have, so it is intelligent to bring it into harmony and use its full capacity to create your life to be whatever you want it to be.

The Whole Mind Training is specifically designed to give you:

  • The way to program your mind while you are asleep, for the fastest and most effective results
  • How to remove all limitations to accessing your Superconscious
  • How to become an intuitive
  • How to develop the skills of luck and good fortune
  • How to permanently awaken from the semi-trance of ordinary life into full consciousness
  • How to free yourself from any past negative patterns
  • Techniques to deepen meditation and awaken extra-sensory perceptions
  • Increasing your energy by removing sleep debt and stress
  • Bringing the four levels of your mind into harmony
  • How to slow down your brain to access your higher powers

As a side effect, you will develop more concentration, focus and feelings of happiness. These are the qualities of the Superconscious

…and lots more

It is very much a hands on practical system, and one of the great advantages of it is that the methods given can be integrated into your every day life, so they take no time out of your day.

It is a Home Study Course containing six audio programs and the six scripts of those programs, delivered to you immediately as a digital download.

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30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee
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