The Real Law of Attraction

Real Law of Attraction


Michael has prepared a double audio pack explaining exactly what you need to do to be able to take full advantage of this amazing power you have.

He has done this because in all the other products about the Law of Attraction, including ‘The Secret’, there are vital factors missing, and the explanations they give leave out crucial steps, as well as the methods of exactly how to apply it in your life.

He has been studying, teaching and applying the law for over forty years, and now you can take advantage of his practical research and receive, for the first time, the full story.

The first point is this.

It is essential for you to understand exactly how the law works. Why? Because you are already using it at every moment of your life.

You are literally attracting the people, events and circumstances that you experience. You are like a magnet, constantly drawing in almost everything that happens to you.

Of course, you are unaware of how you are doing this, as, without special training, you cannot sense it.

Once you learn to use this power consciously, as this course will teach you, you will become instantly aware of exactly how it works, and how you have been using it throughout your adult life.

When you learn the simple steps of how to apply it, you find that certain parts of your life open up instantly.

Many people bring new events into their experience so fast that it is literally stunning how it happens.

When this happens, you then realise that you have a far more powerful ability than you ever realised before. And, which you have never deliberately used.

For instance, did you know that your mind has particular structures, which I have called Attractors, which are the fundamental creators of what happens to you?

Or that unless you know how to alter your energy system, any new desire you go for will not be able to enter your life?

Or, that you will continue to repeat patterns throughout your life, if you do not apply the law in specific ways, for your specific issues?

There is so much more to know about the law of attraction and it is vital knowledge for every human being,

Michael has prepared a full explanation of what it is, how it works and how to apply it.

In this set you will discover the following:

How to:

1). Understand completely what the Law is and how it works.

2). Attract, as fast as possible, the desires you want fulfilled.

3). Recognise your own limiting patterns and dissolve them.

4). Let go of situations you want to be free of, and release them from your life.

5). How you can create new Attractors to bring better experiences.

6). Increase your consciousness and move up the energetic scale.

7). Apply the Seven Steps in the most powerful ways possible.

How to Apply the Real Law of Attraction, will help you to open up to new opportunities and give you a new vision for your life.

It can be very challenging to try to make your life work without using the law. Save yourself years of time and struggle by applying this life principle for your immediate benefit.

The information is utterly fascinating and will awaken you to new possibilities you never dreamed possible.

The Law of Attraction is vital knowledge for every human being. Here it is, explained in a detailed step-by-step way, both as a double audio set and manual, including all the methods you can apply to bring the results you want.

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