Natural Self

Natural Self


In this course you will be looking at how to Naturally & Effortlessly take yourself from: Overwhelm, Worry, Stress, Negative Emotions, Fear, Feeling Trapped, Despondency, Inability to Express Yourself Freely, and Other Restrictions and when you do this you will be able to access: Inner Strength, Confidence, Self Esteem, Creative Power, Inspiration and Intuition.

This is called your natural state. And there is nothing better than living in Your Natural State, because it is your true self. Once you experience this you will realise that the answer to your limitations lies within you.

The problem that we are all facing is that our nervous system has been compromised by our upbringing, and is holding itself in a state of tension, in the sense of it being filled with fear, anxiety, humiliation, threats, rejection and in many cases, utter hopelessness.

This Inner tension, this internal gripping of your whole physical system at a cellular level, is now becoming the normal state for more and more people, as the pressures of society build.

The trouble is that they are not aware of it. Because when this pressure builds, you are forced to project it out into your world and you subconsciously create challenges, limitations and confronting experiences to match your inner life.

It is this aspect of projection, of trying to form outer circumstances of life to match your inner memories and tensions. That is the basis of all difficulties and challenges that loop through your life.

So if you have enough feelings of being limited, or recurring anxiety and fear – and these are the most common ones in society – then you will make choices in your life to match those inner patterns.

If you could just rid yourself of these habits of the internal holding of your nervous system, muscles, ligaments, skin and even your organs, then your life would transform.

You would be able to become everything that you can possibly be, because you would be allowing your internal power to express itself fully in your life, without anything holding you back.

You would feel love and compassion and be able to connect at a heart level with those closest to you, instead of playing out your past over and over again.

This is how a young child lives and, for you to gain that childlike freedom, is one of the greatest benefits you can have from releasing the cellular tension.

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