Master Communicator

Master Communicator


Your life is created by how you communicate: with other people, the world and your own self. How you relate and express yourself, which means how you communicate, is the greatest secret of success.

If you would like to improve anything, you need to move beyond ordinary communication, to the Master Communicator skills, which are used by all the most successful people of all times.

The way you communicate reveals:

  • Who you are
  • What you have to offer
  • Whether you will be attractive to others in every sense of the word.

The Skills of a Master Communicator are:

1. With Yourself 

To be able to enter into an internal relationship with yourself and become aware of your own motivations, impulses and desires, both conscious and subconscious that are creating your life.

Most people have no consciousness of what drives their lives and so are on automatic. The reason for this is that do not know how to communicate with themselves.

A Master Communicator is someone who is very familiar with their own inner being. They understand themselves at the deepest levels. They know why they are alive and how to create what they want to experience.

They do not become downhearted, but see all the events of their life, as learning experiences and, any challenges that come up, are there to help them grow to more consciousness and success.

2. With Other People

Communicating with other people is a skill that you must learn. It is not something you are born with. For some strange reason, many people imagine that their ability to relate and communicate is somehow hardwired into their nervous system. It’s obviously not.

Master Communicators finds it effortless to express themselves clearly. They are easy to understand, enjoyable company, and have the ability and insight to know where other people are coming from, and so react appropriately.

They are also clear as to what others are wanting or expecting from their interaction. They can often see the subconscious drives that are motivating other people, and so perceive their real intentions, even though that person may have no idea of their own drives at all.

3. With Life Itself

A Master Communicator knows that their life experiences are a result of how the patterns within themselves and their mind communicate with all of life. They are in a state of intuition.

They know that the intelligence of life is always listening and responding, bringing to them what they are calling for.

They see directly how their thoughts, images, feelings and emotions project into their world and are responded to as the events and circumstances that happen to them.

They realise that the secret of success is to merge more and more with the life intelligence and so learn to communicate with it in ways that take them to the highest experiences possible.

In short a Master Communicator is a Master of Life.

The Master Communicator Home Study Course Gives You the practical skills of communication as well as the additional subtle skills rarely taught anywhere, such as:

What is the emotion, energy or feeling you are communicating each time you express yourself in any type of relationship. You may not be aware you are doing it, but everyone does. It is picked up by those you are communicating with and so powerfully influences your interactions.

What is the action you are taking in every relationship? This is a term from Acting. It means how to use words and behaviours, which are motivated by a clear intention, to have a specific effect on another person.

How to hold yourself in a state of receptivity so you can communicate effectively in every situation you find yourself in.

How to respond appropriately so people feel that you are truly in relationship with them.

How to tell whether other people are running automatic patterns, or are conscious of what they are saying or communicating to you.

Discover the secrets of expressing yourself in ways that create and enhance all aspects your life.

Unfold the ability to communicate clearly and effectively in any situation, whether one to one, or to 10,000 people or anything in between.

Understand what people are trying to communicate through their body language, dialogue and tone of voice and how to develop skills with these yourself, so making you a far better communicator.

How to improve and be aware of your energy, emotions and feelings that you communicate and project into all personal and other relationships.

Also receive an in depth explanation and methods to help you to communicate with yourself, with others and with life itself. And, perhaps most important of all, how to use your communications skills to create what you want in your life.

The Master Communicator Home Study Course

It consists of six audio sessions and the six manuals of those sessions. You can experience these in the privacy of your home, or download them to your phone, tablet or computer and listen to or read them at your leisure.

The knowledge is so powerful and effective you may want to hear it more than once, as it will inspire you and give you some of the greatest secrets of life.

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