Higher Mind Training

Higher Mind Training


You Will Learn How to Unleash & Activate Your Higher Mind with Powerful Techniques That Allow You To Access Your Higher Power



  • Your personal development techniques not working at all, or not working in the way you want.
  • Or You are unable to make much headway in your life transformation – things seem to remain more or less the same
  • Perhaps you are still spending too much time with your negative programs
  • Or you can’t create the lifestyle you want
  • Maybe there is difficulty attracting a great relationship, or enhancing your existing one
  • And in general, you have challenges making your mind easily become remolded to accept wealth, love, happiness and freedom as your normal state.
  • You follow the techniques carefully, a few things, which are associated with those techniques improve, but you rarely achieve the complete goal you are aiming for.


This can become very disappointing, as well as putting you off diving more deeply into the mechanisms of success.

So, this session is for people who need help to solve these issues

One of the great mysteries, for people who do not have much success with their personal development and self-improvement techniques, is why has that happened to them.

Why can’t they visualize or affirm something and it just turns up, like so many people suggest.


After all, the activities of mind are prior to everything.


We will cover all the details and steps as we proceed but first let’s consider this vital point, that is unknown to most of the teachers of personal development and the proper use of the mind.

 All personal development techniques are really only aimed to awaken, turn on and activate the ‘life creative power, which allows you to manifest what you want.

This is the crucial secret. Why?

Because people normally believe that it is the affirmations and visualizations and other techniques they perform, which actually cause the results in their lives.

This is a grave mistake as these methods are only signaling devices for something else.

Sometimes if you are lucky the message can get through, but that is rare. Instead the wrong instruction is given and it causes the opposite to happen.

Because people have not been alerted to what is going on in the sense of creating life experiences, they totally misunderstand what they are meant to do.




The first reality to accept is that your True Self has been covered up by your conditioning and the demands of the consumer society.

But can be released in the most joyful and fulfilling ways. This is traditionally called a ‘spiritual path’.

Life was meant to be much more than just paying the mortgage or rent and working ‘9 to 5’, and just remaining in an ordinary state.

Which is why spiritual teachings, particularly the non-religious ones, exist in all societies as mystery schools.

There is a tremendous yearning in the majority of human beings for something of a higher nature.

All these people feel that something is missing, something they want to experience, but cannot grasp.

A human being knows they have so much more to live for – but it can only come to you though your own higher mind.

Not knowing this they search in the wrong place – which is the material world. But of course that doesn’t work – that new car becomes just a car within a few weeks.

You really need to discover the incredible, unused potentials you have within you.




There is within you an ‘Invisible Mechanism what we have called the Higher Part of Your Mind, which is the creator of all your experiences.

Something is obviously creating your life, some intelligence. You are not aware of it.

So, you have within you a mysterious, energetic substance that controls your life. It is an unseen force, which is the creator of all your experiences.

Without knowing what it is, and not deliberately causing it to manifest what you want, you are restricting yourself to only using a tiny proportion of this innate ‘life creative power’.

So from now on catch yourself when you are trying to do things only on your own and not using this innate intelligence.


What you will learn from the Higher Mind Program:


The information and explanations of the higher mind in this program are essential in these challenging times ahead, which are unlike no other, ever seen for the human race.

It is time for your rebirth and transformation.

This is what evolution is pushing the whole human race for – those who do not pick up the baton find that they will face ever-increasing challenges.

Deep feeling is the expression of the invisible mechanism. It is not thought based, image-based, or emotion-based, these are the froth on the waves of the ocean of life.

You have to dive deep in specific and special ways and we will show how you do this is during the higher mind training course.

We will also give you the Special Techniques along with the complete understanding.

It can take you about four weeks to begin to tune with your higher mind. You build knowledge of its immense strength and creative ability, which at times can be instantaneous, if your personal mind is clear enough.

You must be careful in the beginning when you are awakening this power because it can go awry in its exuberance to fulfil your desires.

During the course we will give you the proper steps and methods to make sure it all goes well.

The Invisible Mechanism can only be contacted through internal practice with proper symbols and energetic movements. You will be given these in the Higher Mind program.


Here are some of the Benefits you will discover from taking this course:


  • What is it that Stops Your Mind Techniques Working? Know Why This is and You Know Everything.
  • Clearly, it is a Lack of Knowledge of What Your Mind Actually is which is the biggest block. Plus what it Does and How to Use it Fully to Give You the Best Results possible.
  • Money equals biological survival – master it with the help of the Invisible Intelligence
  • Life wants you to: to grow strong into full bloom. You need a form and actions to do that, anything will do. And the Invisible Intelligence will come to your aid.
  • It is very helpful to dissolve ‘mind tension’ with the deep work special practices you will be given – this will speed everything up.
  • You will also receive special methods to increase your strength and confidence.
  • We will be very specific in teaching you how to become a ‘conscious projector of your life experience’… This is a deeper understanding beyond the Law Of Attraction.
  • You will also re-learn to relax at the deepest possible level and also increasing relaxation while doing the work, which is the key.
  • You’ll be given specific techniques to access higher powers – Siddhis
  • Life is like a dream in that with your new vision you can cause it to create forms that you want and experiences because it is dancing subatomic particles.
  • How to Unlock and Use Your Higher Mind for Massive Improvements and Revelation of Your True Life Creative Powers.
  • How can you make your mind more powerful and so be able to project and materialize the kind of life you truly want?
  • Have you been struggling with only using the junior powers of your mind? Doing that will only give you very limited results
  • What you need to do above all is to expand beyond your ideas of who and what you are, and have, as manifesting powers.
  • How your higher mind Is the only way to remove limitation, fear and anxiety and replace these with ever increasing happiness
  • It will also give you access to releasing your hidden, real power to create the life experiences you truly want
  • Discover what your mind really is and the astonishing, unused abilities it has.


The "Higher Mind Program" is a Home Study course, which consists of six one hour long training sessions, pre-recorded so you can study the information from the comforts of your home.

You will be given your login details to your membership page, where you can watch the training 24/7 and download your files.

The fee for the whole Program is $297 and there is a 3 payment option as well.

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