The easiest and most effective way to pierce through to your highest state of consciousness, and the method used consistently by millions of people, over thousands of years, is by chanting. This is how you use the power of vibration.

Of all the cultures existing in the world today, and all those in the past, there is only one that does not have chanting as its central practice. It is of course our modern, Western materialistic society.

Because of this people lead impoverished inner lives. They may live well materially, but they have no ecstasy in their hearts, no natural inner strength, no access to higher powers of the mind. And they suffer a general feeling, when they consider their life, “Is this it? Is this all there is?”

If they chanted, even a little, they would have the opposite experience. They would be fully alive. Chanting is so good for you, that nothing else comes close. It benefits are limitless.

It gives you inspiration, healing, greater creativity and ecstasy. It improves how you feel about yourself and your life, and so your relationships benefit greatly. Because if both people are in a good state, problems are easily resolved or forgotten,

It also has many physiological advantages in that it vibrates and stimulates every cell in your body, giving you feelings of bliss and divine love. It brings more blood to the head and heart and activates the nervous system, giving you more energy and a very powerful sense of self.

Your breathing ability is improved. It allows you to enjoy a very deep state of relaxation, everything in your body slows down, stress is relieved, and your whole system is recharged. And the quickest way to dissolve fear and anxiety is through chanting. It vibrates these away and you become confident and strong.

The energy released also causes you to become more attractive, not just in the sense of becoming somebody who others like to be around, but also developing the ability to attract what you want in your life. It also brings peace of mind, vitality, inner strength and persistence. It gives you the ability to dissolve obstacles that may be blocking you in any area of your life.

And in particular, it gives you access to your higher intelligence, to help you to create your life in the way you want it to be.


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