22 Days to Uplift & Improve Your Life

22 Days to Uplift & Improve Your Life


Advanced knowledge for those who want to know the whole story of personal development, and be motivated and inspired to complete their journey and become very successful in their chosen field.

It is also very carefully aimed at developing higher states of consciousness and discovering your true purpose in life.

You will be given High Level Coaching and Mentoring during each Session, so you can imbibe and apply the advanced knowledge.

And you will discover special methods that you can integrate into your everyday life, that will give you specific ways to awaken you to your natural state.

This will help youto really attract what life can offer you in all the major areas of relationships, financial freedom, career and extraordinary creativity.

Benefits for You:

The 22 Days to Improve Your Life Success System

This is a step-by-step success system that builds up over the eight sessions. You will be given three powerful methods each session, which you can apply during each week into your everyday life, and so see the changes take place.

What you will be given:

  • How to develop Warrior Energy, which is a continual, natural self-motivation. You feel it regardless of the circumstances you find yourself in.

Many people find it difficult to remain motivated, or even to get themselves going on a regular basis. This means they lack the proper energy.

Your Warrior Energy will keep you naturally motivated all the time. You will also feel fabulous, with the strength and awareness of a wild animal, coupled with the control of a highly civilized person.

Learn to access your inner Warrior and feel how it helps you to do whatever you want.

  • How life communicates with you. How to read the signs and omens of life. Know what it is trying to say to you.

Life responds to what you are calling for and guides you to it. Coincidences take place and have meaning.

And when you are in the right place at the right time (synchronicity) it has significance for you. Learn the language of life and know what it is trying to tell you.

  • How to Gather Your Power to become a magnet, an attractor for the things you want.

The most extraordinary thing is that when you increase your personal power, you discover that things come to you far more easily.

So, for success in anything, you need to develop the energy that magnetizes what you want into your life. It is like electricity, a generator, which fuels your desires.

Build it up and find that you are a far more effective person. This course will show you how.

  • How to take your income, and all aspects of your life to a new level. Express your financial self.

Money is a reflection of so many parts of your mind. Personal power is the real issue with it.

Find out how to concentrate on increasing your personal wealth ability with this system, to help you create the financial freedom you want.

  • How to read other people – Deepening Relationships

How to see what it is that motivates people and drives them to do what they do.

Develop this (intuitive ability) at an ever-deepening level, so you can communicate far more effectively and develop deeper relationships.

  • How to Release Your Inner Genius –

Get in touch with and awaken your inner guide. Have a direct experience of a far greater intelligence working with you and for you. It is an amazing experience.

It evolves into your consciousness by following the specific methods given in this system.

  • How to use and get in touch with the higher forces of intelligence to help you in every area of your life.

These were referred to in ancient times as Genii, from which the word genius came from, as well as the Genie in the magic lantern or bottle.

They refer to independent parts of the Superconscious that respond to your demands and can give you many benefits including a continual outflowing of productive ideas.

  • Dealing with negativity, inertia (sloth) and resistance to success andresolving challenges. Turn worry into creativity.

These dead hands of the past are your worst enemies. You need to separate from them or they will drag you down.

Discover how to do this in as short a time as possible. This will also allow you to become more and more capable, as time goes on.

  • Expand and unlock the real power of your personal mind

Your surface mind is a faculty that limits you. It is the gatekeeper. It is the fence around who you truly are.

This is what is meant by a ‘limited’ or ‘restricted’ mind and must be changed.

  • How to develop the ability of instant, continual, unblocked creativity, so it can free flow in any direction you want it to. Always come up with a flood of original ideas.

Creativity is the lifeblood of success. Without it you cannot come up with the insights as to the actions to take.

Many people want to change their life but have no idea what to do. This type of creativity is essential and will make great improvements to your life.

  • Creating the elusive qualities that the highly successful have.

How the top one per cent live in all the different ways they can. This means personal freedom. We will focus on how to do it for yourself.

  • How to tune in permanently with your higher nature

We move on in this seminar from dealing with the past to sharpening your skills and expanding your awareness.

This will increase your options, each year that passes, by allowing you to express new abilities and establish yourself more and more in your higher nature. This means to merge with your Superconscious.

  • Learn the Seven Levels of the Superconscious

Discover which level you are on during the sessions. The Superconscious is always available to work for you, but you must know how to communicate with it.

Make Your Dreams Your Destiny

To become a person who can make their dreams their destiny requires you to ‘get’ how it is done.

This is rather like learning to ride a bike. You try with someone running along next to you, holding the bike, and then you suddenly get what it is you need to do to retain balance.

It is the same with success and changing your life. There is something you have to ‘get’.

This 22 days Personal Coaching System will give it to you. It will ‘run along next to you’ helping you to discover what it is you need to do in order to become a person who can really make their dreams their destiny.

This is an eight audio set with matching manuals

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