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Paulina and Michael Domekyo Rowland

Story and Script Writing

How you can become a very successful writer and create a great income from royalties for therest of your life, by learning the skill of Superconscious Writing.

Michael has written a best selling book: ‘Absolute Happiness’ (over 100,000 copies sold) as well as written the film ‘Being in Heaven’. He has also written over 15 home study courses and over 200 articles and hundreds ...Read More

22 Days to Uplift & Improve Your Life

Would you like to create your marriage to be one that grows closer and more loving with each year that passes and becomes a great foundation for your children’s lives? And, at the same time, bring up children who are happy, expressive and fulfilled, who have a clear direction in life, and are confident ...Read More

Breakthrough Program

The brand new and unique Breakthrough Program is designed to give you the complete ways to help you become a person of real power, as well as develop maximum charisma

It truly is the most important work you will ever discover because not only does it help you to create the life you really want to live, but it also opens up the most incredible experiences of all..Read More

Success Formula

The success Formula is going to make your life easier, simpler and more meaningful, as well as wealthier in the coming future. In trending news it is said that men and women entering the workforce will likely have 34 different jobs in their careers, meaning they will need that many skills in order to stay employed!

The reason for this is because of the relentless rise of ...Read More

Thrive & Prosper.

A brilliant ‘Done for You’ system to help you secure your future and live a life of comfort in the lifestyle you prefer.

In this course you’ll learn how to rapidly re-engineer your mind for prosperity and freedom the vital and most valuable skill for living in the new economy that is upon us all.

The aim with this excellent Program is to give you the strength, resilience and abilities to transform your life into whatever you want, whenever you want... Read More

You & Your Life

‘You and Your Life’ contains a total and complete explanation to help you understand how you have become the person that you are, and how you have created all the various events and circumstances of your life. These are the most valuable things you can know.

Then it gives you Michael’s all-embracing system and techniques to help you improve...Read More

The Whole Mind Training

The Whole Mind Training is a complete system to give you the means to access and use more and more of your mind to benefit every area of your life.

If you would like to experience more intuition, extra-sensory perceptions, greater powers of concentration, the release from negativity, become open to your Superconscious, as well as awaken to full aliveness then ...Read More

Higher Mind Training

We live in an amazing world. New inventions, advances in technology and unimaginable wealth for some are flooding in, but the contrast between the ‘have’s and the have not’s’ will become more pronounced in the near future. Have you decided which is it going to be for you?

If you want to be positioned for the best lifestyle experiences possible...Read More

Master Communicator

What is the central skill for a really successful life?

The ability to communicate. Nothing will improve your life more quickly and more easily than this. It determines:

Your quality of life, all your relationships, your career ...Read More

The Midas Touch

The Midas Touch is a program that focuses on the ability for you to create the freest life possible. A life where you can live wherever you want, and in the lifestyle you prefer, travel in luxury and security, with the funds to do with as you please. Creating money from a variety of sources while living and doing whatever you want. Think of it as a Lifelong holiday.

This is what is available to you, a totally different experience of life...Read More

Transformation Program

shown on a video presentation how to design the ideal map of your own psyche and its subpersonalities. This is tremendously useful, because by taking it out of your head and laying it on the page, so to speak, you will see yourself and a vastly more intuitive and clear way.

It is very likely that many light bulbs will go on in your mind, while you do this, as to why your life has been as it has, and of course what it is that you need to uplift or improve...Read More

Future Proof Your Income

The purpose of this course is to give you a rock-solid system and a framework that you can use for generating ‘semi-passive’ income and to triple your income, for the rest of your life. This template can be applied to any type of income generating system. We will use one type as it is the simplest to understand and very effective. Anyone can do it...Read More

Deep Sweet Sleep

The purpose of this work is to bring your body and mind into balance, to relearn the relaxation response, and re-experience/find your natural rhythm of sleep. We will keep in mind that you might begin by getting to sleep, going to deeper sleep, and as you integrate more of the principles covered here, reach the place where you experience a Deep, Sweet Sleep. This is where you wake up completely refreshed, and while asleep you are regenerated and rejuvenated...Read More


How To Meditate

When you meditate correctly, you begin to unblock your natural power that has been suppressed due to your upbringing and conditioning.

The conditioning process causes you to limit your self-expression, talents and abilities. If you truly want a deeper and more pleasurable experience of living, and to establish yourself in your highest nature ...Read More

Natural Self

In this course you will be looking at how to Naturally & Effortlessly take yourself from: Overwhelm, Worry, Stress, Negative Emotions, Fear, Feeling Trapped, Despondency, Inability to Express Yourself Freely, and Other Restrictions and when you do this you will be able to access: Inner Strength, Confidence, Self Esteem, Creative Power, Inspiration and Intuition.

This is called your natural state...Read More


The easiest and most effective way to pierce through to your highest state of consciousness, and the method used consistently by millions of people, over thousands of years, is by chanting. This is how you use the power of vibration.

Of all the cultures existing in the world today, and all those in the past, there is only one that does not have chanting as its central practice. It is of course our modern, Western materialistic society...Read More

Real Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction has been popularized in a variety of ways, but much has been left out. To really be able to use this inner force, it is necessary to understand exactly what it is and how to use it fully consciously.

Once you really grasp the hidden secrets to being able to use this ancient creative power you will find you have in your grasp ways to...Read More

Will Power and Personal Magnetism

The Will Power and Personal Magnetism Program is a brand new and unique system that will give you information that explains the most brilliant jewels of knowledge from the brightest minds who ever lived including some with quotes.

Michael will specially choose these and he will present the videos and give a commentary on each insight, so you will understand its deeper meaning and see its relevance to your own life...Read More

Deep Relaxation

A guided relaxation system to take you to the deepest levels of rest. This audio program has helped tens of thousands of people to melt into deep sleep, a magical restful state for rejuvenation, or to be able to reprogram their minds for anything they want ...Read More

Making Decisions

It is essential for an enjoyable and successful life that you become a person who can make and keep decisions.

If you are challenged to do this, or find you procrastinate, or can make a decision but not keep it, then this audio program will help you greatly to ...Read More

Self Realisation

The great journey of your life is to discover what you are at the essence of your being.

Nothing else will satisfy or fulfill you. Realizing your Self is the ultimate experience of being alive ...Read More

Intuitive Guide

The second is an exploration of your own personal inner universe. It guides you to your intuition, gives it a physical form and lets you communicate with it.

You are able to ask questions, and receive answers to things that are of interest or concern to you.

This is a relaxing and inspiring way to make contact with your higher intelligence and gain fabulous insights into your deeper being...Read More

Money Matters

Why be a victim to money, when it is one of the easiest skills to master. Millions of people do it now you can be one of them. It is just a matter of knowing how. It is not a mystery, the ability to master money is all to do with your own mind.

Once you clear up any limitations you may have stored within your mind, then it is far easier for money to flow to you...Read More

Your Shocking & Astonishing Future

How to Prepare Yourself for the Extraordinary Changes and Opportunities of Things to Come!

This year will be the most challenging of all for people aged 35 plus Discover How to Protect Yourself, Your Lifestyle and Your Security
‘Forewarned is Forearmed’ Being Prepared is the Most Intelligent Response, You live in unusual times which, in the near future, are going to suddenly become more challenging to negotiate and navigate – unless you are aware of what is coming... Read More