The Absolute Happiness Megapack

You and Your Life - $330

‘You and Your Life’ contains a total and complete explanation to help you understand how you have become the person that you are, and how you have created all the various events and circumstances of your life. These are the most valuable things you can know.

Then it gives you Michael’s all-embracing system and techniques to help you improve and uplift anything you want.

If you would like to be given knowledge and processes that could take you over a decade or more to put together yourself, then this is for you.

You can now, for the first time, receive a live recording of the whole weekend course as a digital mp3 download set. This is fantastic information and will save you decades of trying to find it out for yourself. Join over 85,000 people who have benefited from Michael’s work with this most popular personal development course in the country.

The Real Law of Attraction - $66

It is essential for you to understand exactly how the Law really works. Why? Because you are already using it at every moment of your life.

You are literally attracting the people, events and circumstances that you experience. You are like a magnet, constantly drawing in almost everything that happens to you.

Of course, you are unaware of how you are doing this, as, without special training, you cannot sense it.

Once you learn to use this power consciously, as this course will teach you, you will become instantly aware of exactly how it works, and how you have been using it throughout your adult life.

When you learn the simple steps of how to apply it, you find that certain parts of your life open up instantly.

Many people bring new events into their experience so fast that it is literally stunning how it all takes place, particularly the increase in coincidences.

When this happens, you then realise that you have a far more powerful ability than you ever realised before and which you have never deliberately used.

This knowledge really is the missing key to your life and you will love the ‘how to‘ nature of this most popular set.

Ten Commitments - $66

On this double audio set you are going to discover how you can become more fulfilled, happy and successful in every area of your life.

You will learn ten valuable and practical commitments, which you can use to immediately make effective improvements to any area you choose.

We all need tools to assist us and remind us of what we are here for and what we are capable of, and these ten commitments are laid out in a step-by-step way and will give you a strong and reliable template to fashion your life on.

Everyone needs a plan and here it is done for you. Just ‘fill in the boxes’ by applying each step for your personal interests and you will have exactly what to do.

Making Decisions - $33

Decision-making is a crucial skill for a productive and successful life. Without it you are dissipating your power and with it you become a success far more easily.

If you are a person who can make the right decisions, quickly and effectively, then all areas of your life will benefit greatly.

In this audio presentation you will be given the methods of making decisions and curing procrastination.

You will understand what is necessary to become strong-minded. You will be shown what you can do to develop yourself into a truly decisive person as well as strengthen your will power.

When you make the decision to have a great life – life tends to create that for you!

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