Paulina Domeyko Rowland is the Director of the company Self Communications which she set up with her late husband Michael Domeyko Rowland (1949-2019). The mission of the company is to create a shift in global consciousness and uplift humanity by empowering individuals so they can enrich and transform their lives. She is continuing with this mission, and Michael’s legacy. Michael was Australia’s leading Personal Development author and presenter who inspired the world and changed the life of many people.

Absolute Happiness

Absolute Happiness
The Way to a Life of Complete Fulfilment
by Michael Domeyko Rowland
(National Best Seller – Over 100,000 print copies sold)

It is vital you create yourself into a person who can be very successful and who can prosper and thrive in these times ahead

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Wayne Dyer & Paulina Rowland

Ram Dass, Michael and Paulina Domeyko Rowland

Michael Rowland, Anthony Robbins and Paulina Rowland

Michael Rowland with Louise Hay

Michael and Paulina with Drs. Hal & Sidra Stone

Michael Rowland with Terah Collins, James Redfield and his wife, Louise Hay and Wayne Dyer

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