You and Children

By Michael Domekyo Rowland

How to Raise Wonderful Children

Would you like to bring up children who are happy, expressive and fulfilled, who have a clear direction in life, and are confident, responsible, inventive, self-reliant, loving and kind?

In other words, enriched and well-rounded human beings?

This requires precise knowledge of how the human mind is conditioned, a selection of methods to impress children with the appropriate values and behaviours, and a full understanding of how who you are, both consciously and subconsciously, impresses them and causes most of their life experiences.

How You Will Benefit from this Knowledge:

You may be a parent, grandparent, mentor or care for children in centers, teach them in schools or clubs, or look after them in a variety of ways.

The knowledge contained in this course will give you a whole new range of insights and skills that will enhance your abilities in powerful and productive ways.

In the course, you will receive practical and easy to apply ways that you can immediately put into practice to create the results you want.

You will learn how to:

Create a happy, intelligent and loving relationship with children where you communicate easily with each other
Connect with your children at a deep level and bring out the best in them
Understand how you condition them and discover ways to bring out the best in them during everyday life
Improve you own ways of relating and so become an excellent role model for children
Encourage them to grow to their highest potential, while having a great time together
Give them a wide a variety of opportunities in life, and solid values that will build a strong foundation in them for any experiences they may choose
Teach them how to achieve whatever they want in life and inspire them to enjoy life to the full

The course is presented in four parts and contains the following information:

Part One: ‘The relationship builds the child’

Who you are and how you relate builds your child. Learn the ways to become a great parent, carer or mentor, so uplifting yourself and all aspects of your life, as well as uplifting them
How to become an encouraging and inspiring person – be a great role model for them
Forging your self into who you can really be for your own great life.
How to create the right space and environment so that your child can grow to the fullest of their potentials
The real purpose of marriage
Why most marriages fail with the arrival of the first child and how to stop that happening, and heal it if it has already happened
50 practical ways to improve and uplift your relationship with your spouse, and so create a great relationship between you both. (These ways will also help you become highly skilled in all types of relationships)

Part Two: How to condition children in the best way

A practical guide to influence your growing baby from conception and through your pregnancy
Caring for children in infancy
Consciously creating your children (instead of subconsciously causing them to live out your own past patterns)
The reality of brain development on a child’s abilities and understanding.
How to communicate properly so they can trust you
To discipline or not to discipline: ‘that is the question’
How to connect with your child.
How to be present with them.
Children come with their own ‘karma’ (memories, inherited behaviours etc.,) How not to ‘feed’ the karma or let them be restricted by it.
Learn how to draw out the best in them

Part Three: Creating the best values and self-respect in them

Create the right standards for children
Teach them to resolve issues as they arise, in the family or the world
Dealing with negative emotions in them and you
How to bond with them through various activities
Healing any past hurts or misunderstandings (even when they have become adults)
Resolving sibling rivalry
Guidelines that allow them to become a great human being

Part Four: Giving them the ways to create their own successful lives

Show them how to master their world and be able to create what they want to experience
Dealing with and removing patterns put into them by other people or at school that may be hindering of limiting them
Giving them a sense of a higher purpose in life, so they remain open and enthusiastic and are motivated to enjoy the best life has to offer
How to encourage them to become responsible and caring adults
Keeping a life-long positive and loving relationship with them

….. and much more!

This is a complete course that explains subjects, and gives you tools, not covered in the normal information about child care. Much of it is new and extraordinary and will save you years of trying to find out for yourself.

This is a fast and easy way to give you children the best grounding you can, as well as the ways to have great lives.

It comes to you both on audio, and with the scripts of that audio, so you can read or listen as you please.

The for lessons will come weekly to you via an email with links, that you can download to your own computer. The first lesson starts Next Tuesday the 15th November.

There is a special introductory fee of only $97 (save 50%) for the first 100 people. This will be on a first come first serve basis, so please hurry to secure your set.

Email your details immediately to:

You can either send an email with your c/c details or with your phone number and we will call you back.

You can also call 1800 67 62 62 but it is possible it may be engaged, as everyone will be in a hurry to secure their place. If it is, leave a message and we will call you back ASAP.

Michael and Paulina Rowland have been together for 26 years, are very happily married and have two children. They have researched widely and deeply the best ways to bring them up – form conception onwards – and are a fabulous Christmas Gift.

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