Superconscious Home Study Training Course
By Michael Domeyko Rowland

How to Release Your Mind Power and Awaken to an Extraordinary Life
Would you like to now how to live with ever-increasing happiness, and have access to the higher powers of your mind, as well as be able to more easily manifest what you want?

These gifts can only come from your Superconscious, which you lost touch with in your childhood. Once you learn how to have regular access to it again, you will find you experience a never-ending flow of personal power, intuition, insight, creativity and love.

This is the aim of all the best personal development and consciousness paths, and now you can learn how to do it in the comfort of your own home.

So what is the Superconscious? It is a term, used by the most intelligent psychologists and explorers of the mind, to describe all those faculties that are of a higher and more expanded nature. These include intuition, inspiration, ecstasy, genius, extra sensory perceptions and the Mythopoetica (dream maker).

Your Superconscious is a faculty that you learn to open up to, so that you can receive its benefits, just like you receive a flash of intuition or a brilliant idea out of the blue.

The Superconscious is actually your natural state. It is your essential nature or essence, and only when you are re-established in it will you feel totally fulfilled.

It is also what is called your ‘Heart’ or your True Self.

And, of course, it is your Superconscious that is the instrument and power you have to manifest what you want in every aspect of your life.

Not knowing about the Superconscious means not knowing how to live or how to become a fully-grown human being.

The reason you have lost touch with it, is due to the pressures of daily life and your conditioning and upbringing. These have caused a contraction of your consciousness.

You consciousness or awareness, which embraces your mind, personality and feelings, has the choice of either expanding and growing, or contracting and being restricted.

It is the state of your consciousness that defines your life.

Do You Experience any of the Following:

Have you ever felt that you are not expressing yourself to your fullest potentials?

That there must be more to life than what you are experiencing at present?

People cannot understand where you are coming from?

You can’t make your life work in the way you want?

Your relationships do not grow more loving as the years pass by?

Your career is not interesting or satisfying?

These feelings and experiences are due to the contraction of your consciousness. This is the normal state of the average human being. The only solution is to de-contract or expand your consciousness.

Your life can only be, and will always be a reflection of the state of your consciousness. If you change that then everything else can change.

And, of course, if you take the time to regularly expand your consciousness, which means opening more and more to your Superconscious, your experience of life will improve so profoundly, that you will be amazed and thrilled, and even a glimpse of this expanded state fills you with joy and awe, and gives you the sudden means and inspiration to improve your life.

There is no question that it is the real goal of life, because nothing surpasses it. It is more valuable than anything else the world can offer.

It is necessary to learn and practice specific ways of living that can easily be integrated with your everyday life, which will release the contraction your upbringing gave you, and begin to re-expand your consciousness to its fullest expression.

These methods have been tried and tested over millennia. They involve awakening of the deeper energies that have been blocked or restricted earlier in your life and bringing full consciousness to specific activities and behaviours.

These easy to apply methods will release you in the fastest and most efficient way possible.

Some of them are called Fourth Way practices, others come from the mystery schools of ancient cultures. All of them without exception are practical and simple to use.

Expanding your consciousness increases your energy. It awakens extraordinary creativity, and allows you to see other people to the depths of their being.

It opens up a whole range of extra sensory perceptions that give you radical insights into what drives other human beings, and how to attract to yourself the experiences you want to enjoy.


The Specific Benefits of this Superconscious Home Study Course are:


  • Increase your ability to communicate and express yourself fully, so improving all your relationships. Understand others at a very deep level, and have them understand you.
  • Become more happy, energised and insightful. Concentrate fully on your own growth, free yourself from your past conditioning, so releasing all your potentials
  • Improve your skills at generating Wealth, and improving Career prospects.
  • Perceive new and better opportunities in business and be able to take them to success easily and quickly.
  • Release powerful streams of creativity by accessing the infinite resource of original and brilliant ideas within you, which is of course the Superconscious.
  • Learn advanced methods of personal development, including how to choose your future so it will fulfil you. Develop unbreakable natural will power so you can achieve your aims.
  • Become inspired and a source of inspiration to other people and be able to uplift them by your presence. Learn how to live from the Superconscious and communicate easily and effectively about the subject to friends and family.
  • Most importantly you will practice techniques that will allow you to live your life more and more from your Superconscious and which you can include easily into your life without any commitment of extra time.
  • These methods integrate into your normal daily activities. You learn how to live in a far more conscious way.


The Superconscious Home Study Training Course contains eight audio lessons and the eight scripts of those lessons (some like to listen then read and others like to read then listen).

It is made up of all the knowledge from Michael’s Superconscious Training live weekends, and has been specially rewritten, expanded and recorded for this presentation.

It comes to you within hours via the web as links, which you download onto your desktop. You can then either listen to the audio on your computer, or burn CDs or load it onto an iPod. You can also read the scripts on screen or print them out.

The fee for the course has been $440. But for this initial home study presentation, there is a saving of 50%. The fee for all eight lessons is only $220.

It is a fantastic investment in yourself and the knowledge will stay with you forever.

HURRY! Due to many requests, Michael is making this course available for home study, but only for a short time. It will be withdrawn once he recommences his live seminars.

For all enquiries, please email: (Do not leave message in comment box) – just email to

A course such as this will help you to keep the process of continual growth happening in your life. Always remember that your Superconscious really is the key to the best life possible.

Kind Regards,

Michael Rowland

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