Deep Sweet Sleep

Deep Sweet Sleep


The purpose of this work is to bring your body and mind into balance, to relearn the relaxation response, and re-experience/find your natural rhythm of sleep. We will keep in mind that you might begin by getting to sleep, going to deeper sleep, and as you integrate more of the principles covered here, reach the place where you experience a Deep, Sweet Sleep. This is where you wake up completely refreshed, and while asleep you are regenerated and rejuvenated.

It doesn’t have to take a long time. It all depends on how quickly you practice the suggestions. Many people start to fall asleep right away, on the first night, as they begin to listen to the Relaxation CD and therefore re-experience the ‘Relaxation Response’ that their body-mind has forgotten, or by listening to one of the Sleep Hypnosis recordings, or one of ‘The Flying Journeys’ which are provided.

You will be given very practical explanations so you understand why you can’t fall asleep, why you wake up, and why your sleep is compromised. You will be given a number of new habits and solutions which can be integrated into your daily life so that when you go to bed, you are able to lie down, get to sleep and get that deep rest.


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