Become a Successful Writer of Books and Film Scripts and all other writing.

How you can become a very successful writer and create a great income from royalties for the rest of your life, learning the skill of Superconscious Writing.

The fastest and most enjoyable way to generate massive income, without having to leave home and even only part time, is by becoming a writer of stories, film scripts, non-fiction books and ebooks.

You can write novels and, like a single mother in Britain, you can go in a decade from zero cash to the richest self-made woman in the country (J.K.Rowling.) Or, like the busy housewife writer of ‘Twilight’ (Stephenie Myer), have the films of your book gross well over $US500 million, with a large percentage kept for yourself.

Both of these women were not writers, they had never written a book before, and received their story from their Superconscious.

Or you can pull a partly written story from your bottom drawer and, like the writer of the novel ‘Horse Whisperer’, (Nicholas Evans), you can go from zero cash to $US10 million in one week!

There are many, many people who have similar experiences of creating a huge sum of money from their writing. Many of them just have their own life story to tell.

Perhaps the best aspect of writing is that you can work at home, or anywhere you want to. Most just work three or four hours a day. Best selling author Fredrick Forsythe (The Day of the Jackal), would travel the world, researching for several months, and then spend just two weeks on writing each of his novels.

Writing is also an incredibly fulfilling activity. The actual act of writing is probably the most creative outlet for anyone. You also explore your own inner being and discover all sorts of things about yourself that you would never find in any other way. It is a fascinating and amazing experience and makes you a far better person.

It also makes you a far more interesting person. People who train themselves to write become very stimulating company.

Perhaps you would like to write film and television scripts instead of novels. This is an insatiable market, because even though many scripts are written, only 1% of people know how to write properly for the screen, because the other 99% never bothered to learn how!

Movie screenplays are regularly sold in the six to seven figure range. In Hollywood, the studios pay for thousands of scripts to be written every year, in the hope that one will make a successful film.

Now, in Australia, the Government film agencies have with millions of dollars in grants and investments available. And what do they need most of all? Scripts! They are in very short supply.

The strange thing about film writing is that many of the most highly paid screenwriters have never had a film produced. The fact that they are a good writer allows them to earn in excess of $US1 million a year from their writing. The film industry has to have a hundred scripts written for every one that is produced. And they have to pay big money to all those writers.

Writing is actually a very straightforward task. You did it all through your school days, so it is already embedded in your mind. It is not a new skill you have to learn like archery or batik design.

For story writing, you only have to follow a few fundamental steps.

Becoming a good writer is just a skill to be learnt, no more complicated than driving a car. With a car, the engine does all the work. With writing, as you shall see in a moment, it is your deeper mind, which is called the Superconscious, that does it for you. You just have to write it down.

Another way of generating more income, while enjoying yourself immensely, is by writing non-fiction books. These too require the knowledge of stories. This is also a huge market, and becoming even bigger due to the ability to distribute your writing on the web. E-Books are now outselling printed books on Amazon. You can publish yourself in this way. The power is being returned to the writer.

And of course children’s books have a never-ending demand.

Story writing is in fact a very straightforward process and can be understood very easily when you have all the elements clearly explained for you.

We have a home study course called Screen Story Writing. In it you will receive the complete structural system used by the world’s finest writers to guarantee that they have a professional and saleable story.

You will also learn how to write directly from your Superconscious, which no other writing teacher has revealed. This is what makes the course unique.

If you are interested in finding out all about writing, whether for novels, short stories, non fiction books or film scripts and ebooks, I am offering the Screen Story Writing Home Study course, which will be distributed via the web, so you do not have to come to a hall and give up a weekend of your time.

Give yourself a great Christmas gift that could set you up for the rest of your life!

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