Would you like to know how to quickly and easily Activate, Inspire and Grow the Money Maker within you so you can increase your income, career and business opportunities and create your own Financial Freedom

A  Powerful, Practical and Unique Weekend Workshop for Increasing Your Wealth

presented by Michael Domeyko Rowland

New and Unique information for Your Financial Independence

How do you develop the skills to make the money you want, when you want, in the way you want.

You can never be successful except by changing your state. You cannot change your state by reading a book. So come to a seminar where is actually happens

Why be a victim to money, when it is one of the easiest skills to master. Millions of people do it now you can be one of them. It is just a matter of knowing how.

It is not a mystery, the ability to master money is all to do with your own mind.

Once you clear up any limitations you may have stored within your mind, then it is far easier for money to flow to you.

At this Weekend, you will have the following explained to you.

Your ability to generate income, become financially independent, run a successful business and be useful and respected as a provider in your family and relationships, is entirely dependent on your ability to access your money making skills.

In the economy we live in, whether we like it or not, every person is expected to be a mini entrepreneur in their jobs or businesses. and have the skills of knowledge packaging, effective thinking and communications, as well as how to make their product or service successful in the market place. In fact, all jobs, except for the most basic labouring tasks, will require these skills. When I learnt and applied these promotional methods, the numbers at our seminars doubled each year and my book became a national best seller.

So what does this mean to you? Well, very simply, it means that if you wish to improve your present lifestyle, or even retain it at the level it is now, you are